CIO and IT consulting firms, master and control the workload of your service

Real-time view of the business

Get a clear view of the tasks performed on your projects with a fast input of the time spent by activity.

Control of your load plans

Work from a day to day workload, which is easier to maintain. Optimize the activities of your employees by quickly identifying problems of under and over-activity.

Pilot your "tribe"

Measure the human capital of your service. Identify key resources. Follow the skills and careers of your employees.

A solution suitable for your context

TribePlanner is a SAAS solution designed to enable you to track and monitor the activities of your service. Whether you are in charge of a computer services company or of an IT department of a company, TribePlanner suits your context.

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IT services

Organize the activities of your service.
Establish the iteration of your annual budget and follow it over time.
Determine your resource requirements and your ability to achieve them.
Set the key positions (or functions or roles) of your service.

IT consulting firms and agencies

Plan your activities and projects.
Find, within your teams, the right skills to achieve them.
Follow the output gaps.
Measure the billable activity per project.

Establish your forecast budget

Whether your activity forecasts are more or less fuzzy, TribePlanner allows you to develop your annual (or quarterly) workload with a level of granularity appropriate for your needs.
Set the availability of your employees to estimate your ability to achieve your workload and deduct the recruitment needs or the needed reinforcement.

Operational management of your business

Make your project managers help and refine your workload and your short-term schedules over time. Having a tool at the center of your activities, you give back the visibility of the business and the projects of all of your employees. Your project managers can refine the schedules of their projects and the reserved resources. You control the occupancy rate of your resources and identify assignment problems as early as possible.

Rethink your weekly report

With TribePlanner, the weekly report is not just a simple dull timesheet you have to complete, but a real space of exchange among managers, project managers and employees. Your team can give you feedback on your projects, but also inform you of any problems and make you an update on the state of your goals.
The seized time about the projects are approved by the project managers prior to being integrated into the operational management of your service.

Your "tribe" in the middle of your activities

Since the measurement of human capital is critical to the successful organization of your service activities, TribePlanner allows you to identify and track the skills and knowledge of your employees.
By centralizing all information related to your employees, TribePlanner is also a valuable aid to the maintenance and the annual evaluation of your teams. You can define and monitor the activities already carried out, the training, the wages and the goals of your employees.

Getting started

Getting started with TribePlanner is very easy. You are guided step by step in the realization of your first workload and you gradually discover the functionality of the solution. The startup is done quickly and independently without requiring several days of configuration.

Data security

The security of your data is the first of our concerns. The use of the solution is done via a secure connection (HTTPS/SSL). Your data are stored in replicated databases and receive encrypted backups.
Finally, you remain in control of your data, since you can retrieve them anytime.

Integration with your IT

All the components of the solution can be exported into an MS-Excel compatible format.
Moreover, the solution offers an API allowing you to achieve programmatically most of the actions and queries available in the interface.
Thus, you can connect the solution to your internal tools.

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All plans include these features

Organization definition
Structuring activities
Entering activities
Monitoring of projects

Workloads management
Skills management
Budgetary monitoring
Management of vacation and absences

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